Miscellany for October

October is always a busy month for PureNyx. It’s the end of football season (We’re parents of involved kids… not sports fans) and the beginning of holidays sales. We’ve been huddling from the wind on crowded bleachers, producing pitch books for software startups, preparing product listings for Black Friday specials, and a myriad tasks in between. That’s given us time for three topics in this month’s Miscellany: Gravity Forms & Zapier, Landing Pages, and POODLE Patching.

We’re Safe From POODLE

tl;dr Don’t worry about an SSL vulnerability called POODLE. Also, don’t shop with Internet Explorer 6. It seems like most of our posts nowadays are talking about security issues. It’s not the most exciting thing to read about, or deal with for that matter, but it’s...

Miscellany for September

We always have a lot going on, often involving things our clients might like to know about, but much of it fails to inspire me to write a masterpiece. These updates are now going to be included in a periodic post called “Miscellany”. Yeah, I know the technical definition of miscellany is a collection of multiple author’s content on multiple subjects, but this one will sometimes be a collection of my work.

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