About Us

PureNyx was founded by the husband and wife team, Gabriel and Jaime Cooper. With quirky personalities and a strong sense of customer satisfaction, we are a non-traditional design and technology consulting firm focused on putting small businesses on the web.

As a small business, we are aware of the time and effort that goes into maintaining a business, and we understand the need to outsource services to people you trust when you may not have the time, knowledge, experience, or inspiration to handle them on your own.

Our unique business structure allows us to focus on our client relationships during regular business hours and our creative endeavors, like design and copywriting, in our spare time.

The PureNyx Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals and small businesses with branding and web presence fit for their business, while educating them on how to use it in the best way possible to fit their unique needs.

Jaime Cooper

Jaime Cooper

Lead Designer

Jaime has always said that creativity is in her blood. Starting with color pencil sketches for friends in junior high and ceramic vases in high school, she transitioned to the digital art world like a cat napping in a sunbeam. Not to say she naps all the time, but it was just that easy. She received her formal design education through Sessions College for Professional Design which includes a Marketing Design Advanced Professional certificate. While she may argue that her title should be “Lead Designer, Project Manager, Writer, Accountant, and Dish Washer”, that was a little too long to fit on the business card. When not working on the latest client project, she spends time designing jewelry or working on her novel.

Gabriel Cooper, RCC

Gabriel Cooper, RCC

Lead Developer

The mad genius of the duo, Gabriel is the technological brains behind PureNyx. He is a graduate of Missouri Science & Technology where he studied Philosophy with an emphasis on Psychology and Cybernetics. He is also a Registered Corporate Coach, which gives him a unique eye toward supporting your vision. Gabriel’s business card should really read “Mad Scientist”, but that would be more fitting for Doctor Frankenstein conventions rather than a design firm. When not working on the PureNyx server or offering technical advice for their clients, he can be found in his office/workshop laboring over his latest experiment.

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