Miscellany for September

We’ve had a pretty productive month. New sites are getting completed, we’re taking over a blog for our favorite author, and we’ve cleaned up a whole lot of baby-related messes. Also, we seem to have redesigned our primary sites… again. Pretty much par for the course...

Miscellany for August

It’s been a good while since we published a Miscellany. That’s what happens when a family business has a baby! PureNyx kept the lights on, but we decided to cut down on some of our outreach. Despite that, we managed to actually grow a bit during interim! (No… that’s...

Miscellany For April

Web design business rolled on. Statistics proved that we’d made a correct assumption about out e-commerce suite, a poorly written manual led to a few hundred million plugin updates, and we inch ever closer to replacing ourselves with the next big thing.
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